Monday, June 20, 2011

Mortgage Refinancing to Take Advantage of Lower Mortgage Rates

Mortgage refinance is a loan taken to pay off the first loan on the same asset or property. If a person has a loan with fixed mortgage rates, then he will be paying more interest on the loan. In that case, he can take a new loan with lower interest rates or floating rates to pay off the first one. Mortgage refinancing help the borrowers to lower the monthly payments and thereby save some money for them to spend or invest. So refinancing helps you to reduce the monthly payments. More than 70% of the mortgage market in USA is running with mortgage refinancing.

You have to consider mortgage refinancing seriously to avoid more interest on your mortgage rates and losing your home to the bank. In mortgage refinance market there are two kinds of approaches. One is to work with a mortgage broker and other is to do your own research online. Mortgage brokers have a good knowledge on promotions, different offers and current mortgage rates. Select a good broker who is referred by others or by online research. You can also find the offers, promotions and market rate by researching online. Online research also helps you to compare prices of different mortgage websites. By doing this, you will get an overall picture of the market, but have to spend a lot of time to select the best one suited for you.

You can also consider a longer tenure to pay off the loan taken through mortgage refinancing to reduce the monthly payments. Even though you have the benefit of lower mortgage rates, you have the responsibility of loan payment for a longer duration. Getting a mortgage refinance will be difficult when you have some credit issues. So you have to sort out all the issues before applying for a new loan with lower mortgage rates. It is always better to refinance your property, when you have some equity on your property. Before going for the option of mortgage refinance, you must have a minimum of 10-15% as your own property. You can apply for mortgage refinancing even with 5% equity value, but have to pay more money to get the loan.

Never refinance your property when the value of the property is going down. Since the loan is provided to the current value, mortgage refinance also will be lower to the original loan amount. Mortgage refinancing fee varies from lender to lender and state to state. In most cases, you have to pay at least 3-6% of the outstanding principal amount as refinancing fees. This cost is in addition to the prepayment penalties or other costs such as insurance, tax, legal, moving costs, inspection, appraisal etc. Getting lower mortgage rates through mortgage refinancing is a great option for saving some money for your future.

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